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The v-TAC Software is a patented mathematical arterialization software that can convert peripheral venous acid-base and blood gas values to arterial values. The v-TAC Software thereby allow clinicians to obviate the need for arterial puncture when assessing blood gas analysis.

v-TAC Software is valuable for Clinicians and OBI Partners in several ways, however, the two most important values for Clinicians are:

  • Obviate the need for arterial puncture
  • Cost savings
  • These two values are particularly true for use of the v-TAC Software in the following departments:

  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Patients in Dialysis
  • Intensive Care / High Dependency
  • General Practice
  • Home Care Segment
  • The v-TAC Cloud Application is an online web application of the v-TAC Software running via an Internet browser on a standard PC or on a Tablet.

    The v-TAC Cloud Application can convert peripheral venous acid-base and blood gas values (received from a blood gas analyser device – typed in manually) to arterial acid-base and blood gas values. ​The results can be printed (to a local printer) or saved as a text-file or data-file for later processing.

    The v-TAC Cloud Application is available in the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, English and Danish.


    Avoid the side effects and pain associated with Arterial puncture.

    Arterial samples via needle puncture are common, but are more difficult than venous, and associated with side effects including patient discomfort and pain, haematoma, thrombosis, peripheral emboli, or nerve damage. Secondly, peripheral venous blood is often sampled for other purposes, meaning that no extra puncture need be required for acid-base and oxygen analysis.

    v-TAC calculated Arterial Values provide a much more accurate picture of the patient that directly measured Peripheral Venous values.

    When comparing Peripheral Venous and Arterial values or v-TAC converted Peripheral Venous and Arterial values, the v-TAC values were shown to be twice as good at describing Arterial values, with the standard deviation of the difference between compared values being halved for the v-TAC calculated values. In addition, when comparing values of Arterial and Peripheral Venous pH and PCO2 agreement outside the ranges useful for clinical practice haven’t been found, questioning the use of Venous blood values in clinical practice.

    v-TAC calculated Arterial values allow for switching to Venous blood sampling - without a change in clinical culture.

    Little culture exists for interpreting values of Peripheral Venous acid-base and blood gas measurements. For physicians considering the use of peripheral Venous blood for acid-base and blood gas measurements, the v-TAC Software may therefore ease and speed-up the process of introduction, enabling values to be presented as more familiar, and easily interpreted, Arterial values.

    Avoid the hassle of "mechanically" arterialized Venous blood measurements.

    Other methods are available for obtaining arterialized Venous Blood measurements. These methods, however, involve "mechanical" rather than "mathematical" arterialisation, performed by administering local vasodilatation cream to or warming up the sampling/puncture site, and then waiting a period of time for the puncture/sampling site to be well perfused. In contrast, the v-TAC Software does not require any special consideration of the sampling/puncture site, as arterialisation is performed "mathematically" rather than "mechanically" and therefore is simple to use in routine practice

    Clinical Trials

    Below is given an example of one of the OBI Medical's studies performed in a Pulmonary Medicine department, comparing arterial values against peripheral venous
    v-TAC values.

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    The link below illustrates the v-TAC method for calculating values of the acid-base status of arterial blood from values in the peripheral venous blood, plus arterial oxygen saturation measured with a pulse oximeter.

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    Other studies from Intensive Care Units and Emergency Medicine Departments can be found under publications:

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    NOTE: The v-TAC Software is not yet for sale in countries requiring FDA approval.