QLIMS Cloud Enterprise Your Lab in the Cloud

Companies are challenged to deploy systems with short time lines, and those challenges are often exacerbated by having to contend with equipment and personnel resourcing needs.

With QLIMS Cloud Enterprise Services, you do not have to purchase hardware, install software, or manage your system infrastructure. QLIMS Cloud Enterprise Services allows you to be more productive and cost-efficient by allowing you to concentrate on what matters most - your business.

  • A Public or Private Cloud Offering
  • All Software Licensing
  • Application(s) High Availability
  • Development, Test, Validation, and/or Production Application Environments
  • Infrastructure Maintenance including Installation, Patch Management, Malware Protection, System Monitoring, Notifications, etc.
  • Database Maintenance, Backup, and Retention Services

QLIMS Cloud Enterprise is Multilingual ready!

We have included as defaults the following languages English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Greek. These can be altered by the end user or additional languages can be included.




Reliable System Stability

We'll ensure your system is ready and available when you are. Up time of the system is guaranteed to be 99% or better

Carefree Maintenance

Patch updates will be deployed when needed. Major updates are all inclusive with the service

Continuous Optimisation

Our DBAs will monitor your system's performance and keep your systems tuned, while our IT experts will ensure system updates and patches are installed and up to date.

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