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QLIMS has been rebuilt from the ground up using new technologies to bring you the next generation of web-based LIMS.

QLIMS Cloud Enterprise

QLIMS Cloud Enterprise Services allows you to be more productive and cost-efficient by allowing you to concentrate on what matters most - your business.

Clarity LIMS

Clarity LIMS from GenoLogics is a laboratory information and data management solution that was built specifically for genomics life sciences research.

Clarity Run Manager

Clarity Run Manager: the cloud-based, no IT required, easy to use, sample management software for sequencing.

Path XL

PathXL is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology and provides innovative software for use in education, research and clinical sectors worldwide.


NoemaLife is an Italian-German group whose core mission is the enhancement of clinical processes through workflow automation and process management.

v-TAC Software

A patented mathematical arterialization software that can convert peripheral venous acid-base and blood gas values to arterial values. The v-TAC Software thereby allow clinicians to obviate the need for arterial puncture when assessing blood gas analysis.


Our focus is on freezer inventory, sample labeling, tracking, and sample management for laboratories and biorepositories. We offer two software solutions: Freezerworks Basic and Freezerworks Unlimited.

bluechiip® Tracking Solutions

bluechiip® has developed an IT‑based temperature and identification tracking solution for biosamples in the health and life sciences industry. The system represents a generational change from current methods such as labels (hand‑written and pre‑printed), barcodes (linear and 2D) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).