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The company began operating when digital pathology was very much in its infancy and owes its success and rapid growth to the close relationship it enjoys with the pathology community, as well as to the technological expertise and talent of its staff. Considered a global pioneer in the use of image analysis and workflow solutions for digital pathology, PathXL’s products are used worldwide in the education of pathologists, in the research and discovery of biomarkers and in the clinical pathology lab as tools to support and enhance the diagnostic process.
The main engine that drives all of PathXL’s configurable applications and workflows is PathXL™ Manager. PathXL Manager is a robust, secure web-based platform which can run independently or be integrated with customers’ existing applications enabling digital pathology users across all fields to manage, view and collaborate with virtual slides easily and efficiently.

Education Products

Over the years PathXL has worked with experts all around the world to build the world’s most popular digital pathology education platform. With over 10,000 education users across the globe and growing, the system has improved pathology learning in a variety of ways.

Research Products

PathXL has developed specific digital pathology workflows to support collaborative research, scoring programs, clinical trials, tissue based biomarker discovery and validation and Tissue Micro Array management.

Clinical Products

Digital pathology in the clinical setting enables laboratories to reduce costs, boost efficiency, enhance productivity, aid better treatment decisions and thereby improve patient care. PathXL has developed a range of software to support and enhance diagnostic pathology.


TissueMark® is a ground-breaking, easy to use solution for the automated identification of tumor tissue on standard H&E stained digital slides.

PathXL® Tutor is the world’s leading content management system for creating digital pathology education material and sharing on-line. This versatile content management system allows digital slide teaching sets to be managed and constructed into on-line pathology courses by users with little or no IT experience. PathXL Tutor can also be used as a powerful case and content management tool in both clinical and research contexts. Used by world class pathology institutions including The Pathological Society of UK & Ireland, The European Society of Pathology, Copenhagen University, Queens University Belfast, amongst many others, it is enriching trainee and trainer experience around the world.

PathXL® OLT (On-line Test) is an intuitive testing interface in which a range of question types can be presented to users, alongside associated virtual images. Building tests has never been easier with this intuitive tool. Tests can be accessed via the web and a dedicated OLT Report allows instructors to view and download users’ test results and statistics. OLT provides a very valuable add-on for PathXL Tutor customers and is used by many of the top teaching hospitals and medical schools - most recently it has been adopted by Copenhagen University and the University of Galway.

PathXL® Simulator is a unique tool aimed at supporting early stage training for residents in pathology. It has been developed alongside 11 of the world’s leading specialists and uses advanced algorithms that embody a unique ‘learning by simulation’ environment that allows trainees to work through real cases, assessing their performance not only against the correct answer, but also against the diagnostic route by which they arrived at that answer. PathXL Simulator is used by approximately 60% of trainees in the UK and in some of the leading university hospitals. PathXL Simulator has been approved as a training tool by The Royal College of Pathologists.

PathXL® Manual Biomarker scoring platform provides researchers with the ability to conduct collaborative biomarker scoring studies on whole slides/cases, across multiple pathologists from anywhere in the world via the web. Used extensively in a range of CRUK funded projects, this product has facilitated a dramatic improvement in the speed of completing biomarker scoring.

PathXL® Tissue Microarray (TMA) enables the full management of TMA slides and cores as well as associated metadata, allowing TMA experiments to be configured in minutes.PathXL® TMA allows multiple users to manually score TMA slides quickly and easily.Used by a range of research institutions for biomarker evaluation and quality assurance in staining techniques.

PathXL® Visiopharm Image Analysis The integration of PathXL and Visiopharm Image Analysis provides a web-enabled solution that allows users to select images for analysis directly from PathXL and choose the analysis method in the Visiopharm Software. The Visiopharm software has two main components: TissuemorphDP and VisiomorphDP. TissuemorphDP is a specialised research tool for extraction of subcellular morphometric data from whole slide images. VisiomorphDP provides a set of advanced tools facilitating key aspects of working with quantitative image analysis.The integration between Visiopharm and PathXL Manager, is an important step towards achieving an optimal digital pathology workflow.

Biobank Plug-in As well as providing a complete Biobank solution, PathXL also provides a virtual microscopy plug-in to existing Biobank solutions thereby enhancing their functionality and efficiency. By integrating PathXL’s robust viewer, digital pathology will accelerate research and collaboration and future proof your biobank. Used by the Wales Cancer Bank to help them achieve their goal of supporting cancer research.

PathXL® Digital Pathology Workflow (DPW) provides fast and reliable workflow management software for routine digital case assembly, quality assurance, case assignment, primary review, referrals, reporting, and requests for Image Analysis and archiving. This product was designed by Pathologists to meet the specific needs of laboratories adopting digital pathology and is easily integrated with existing systems.Used in many settings but most notably used by Histotox providing lab services in America.

PathXL® External Quality Assurance (EQA) supports a range of online quality assurance programs in pathology at local, regional, national and international levels, enabling virtual distribution of high quality whole slide scans to EQA participants (and thereby removing the need for posting/shipping glass slides), as well as managing EQA participants and controlling access to slide sets. Used by The European Congress of Pathology (ECP) to conduct their pan-European proficiency tests involving approximately 700 pathologists.

TissueMark® combines sophisticated algorithm technology with a straightforward, no nonsense workflow, supporting the pathologist with accurate and highly consistent tumor information and assisting the diagnostic process through optimization of tumor content and purity.

  • Streamlines macrodissection for molecular analysis and biomarker discovery through image analysis
  • Saves pathologists time by providing automated and highly accurate tumor boundary annotations
  • Contributes to sample purity through consistent % tumor calculations
  • Pathologists can operate remotely from any location
  • View images and annotations at any resolution
  • All data securely archived for later review

User Profile: Queens University Belfast

Queens University Belfast has been a dedicated customer and partner of PathXL from the earliest days, incorporating almost the entire product range across their laboratories and classrooms. The Queens University Medical School is a very prestigious client of the company and was recently voted the #1 Medical University in the United Kingdom in the Sunday Times 2013 University Guide. The School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes to approximately 1000 students each year, centred around the use of PathXL.

PathXL Tutor was introduced in September 2006 by Dr Stephen McCullough, who felt that, with such a large number of students, conventional microscopy was proving to be ineffective; it was time consuming, difficult to establish standards in teaching or examining and unpopular among students. Dr McCullough felt that conventional microscopy images were of limited educational value because it was neither possible to view the sample at different magnifications nor to navigate into different areas of the specimen.

This limitation was overcome by the introduction of PathXL which allowed students to view the entire digitized microscope slides on-line in the same way as conventional microscopes. In addition it made great savings by reducing the time and expense required to organise and run these sessions. Each session can facilitate up to 250 students, with 50 PCs in use simultaneously allowing a maximum of 5 students to work together at a PC. Students can look at the same slide, the same (annotated) area of a slide or other slide sets. PathXL was able to further enhance this learning experience at Queen’s as students sharing the PC were able to point out areas of interest, zoom in and out of areas and engage in group discussions about what they were seeing at the same time.

As PathXL created new services and products, Queen’s use has evolved - initially a deployed system they migrated in 2010 to the PathXL hosted environment to reduce internal IT overheads. With the introduction of PathXL OLT mock examinations were created as study aids for the students. Recently Queen’s introduced PathXL as part of their formal examinations which take place at the end of each term.

Aside from education products, PathXL has provided a range of digital pathology workflow solutions to Queen’s University, enabling them to conduct TMA scoring studies across the world, run Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings in the City and Royal Hospitals and share digital slides for a number of collaborative research studies. PathXL also worked on a very successful collaborative project with Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT) to build the Northern Ireland Biobank, which is now fully operational. The Northern Ireland Biobank hosts and distributes a collection of well defined, quality assured biological samples to support translational research programmes in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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NOTE: PathXL products are for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.