PathXL Corporate Profile

About PathXL

PathXL provides world leading web-based digital pathology software solutions. The company began operating when digital pathology was very much in its infancy and owes its success and rapid growth to the close relationship it enjoys with the pathology community, as well as to the technological expertise and talent of its staff. Considered a global pioneer in the use of image analysis and workflow solutions for digital pathology, PathXL’s products are used worldwide in the education of pathologists, in the research and discovery of biomarkers and in the clinical pathology lab as tools to support and enhance the diagnostic process.

The main engine that drives all of PathXL’s configurable applications and workflows is PathXL™ Manager. PathXL Manager is a robust, secure web-based platform which can run independently or be integrated with customers’ existing applications enabling digital pathology users across all fields to manage, view and collaborate with virtual slides easily and efficiently