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NoemaLife solutions help to optimize the workflow of healthcare structures at departmental, hospital and regional level, through the adoption of a new management approach integrating the various aspects of the clinical process across all the main spheres of application:

  1. Clinical Services
  2. Diagnostic Services
  3. Community and Regional
Noemalife solutions are used with success around the world by more than 1800 healthcare structures and over 145,000 healthcare professionals, with support from a highly specialized Customer Service operating 24/7, all the year round.


With Galileo Dx, NoemaLife and Medasys offer a solution that can be shared by a number of institutions, be they public or private. Also operational in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode, Galileo Dx offers flexibility of implementation, predictibility of costs and flexibility in terms of changes.


Galileo iClinic

Galileo iClinic is NoemaLife’s portable solution for safer and more efficient management of clinical activities at the patient’s bedside. Galileo iClinic is fully integrated with the Galileo suite, thereby supporting clinical workflow in any departmental environment.


Galileo eWhiteboard

Designed for touchscreen monitors, Galileo eWhiteboard is an interactive ward map, equipped to coordinate information traditionally noted on a blackboard or simply shared by word of mouth at shift handovers. Galileo eWhiteboard increases efficiency and safety of the ward’s daily workflow, improving shift handover procedures.



To control Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) it is essential not only to adopt strategies to remove or reduce risk factors but also to streamline information flows and reporting.

MERCURIO offers:

  1. a single point of reference for consistency, completeness and timeliness
  2. unrivalled geographical scalability
  3. accurate analysis of antibiotic treatment effectiveness in infective environments.



Keep patient safety first. An anesthesia recording system at your fingertips. eXacto® gathers and displays all data coming from operating theatre and recovery room devices, using simple plug&play cabling and an intuitive touch screen interface.



Athena stems from a decade of experience developed by NoemaLife in the area of Anatomic Pathology combined with the contribution of many specialists. In a simple and intuitive way Athena offers Pathologists, Technicians and Administrative Staff an effective and complete workflow management system. Through the flexibility of the operating workflow Athena is capable of supporting professionals in every step of the diagnostic process.



The laboratory diagnostic solution. The organization scenario of clinical laboratories is going through a phase of deep transition. Enhancement dynamics of diagnostic processes, the evolution of investigation methods and the increasing pressure on cost-effectiveness make the implementation of cutting-edge management software imperative.



Methis is the NoemaLife software solution dedicated to flow cytometry. Stemming from a decade of experience developed in Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Methis allows to manage lab operations more efficiently and cost-effectively.



Elektra is the next-generation Radiology Information System (RIS) for simple, effective management of radiology, nuclear medicine and senology department workflows.

Elektra is a highly flexible and reliable solution, developed in FLEX technology.

Elektra belongs to the NoemaLife latest generation suite of applications, designed to meet the requirements of Healthcare IT marketplace: interaction, multimediality and high speed.



Eos is the Solution enabling to manage and streamline processes in Medical Genetics laboratories. Eos is a specialized system that responds to the unique requirements of highly complex diagnostic sectors such as Cytogenetic, Molecular Biology, HLA Typing, Consulting.



Halia instrument middleware from NoemaLife provides a complete web based lab computerization solution. Halia allows central management of all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical instruments supporting global control of processes and guaranteeing a complete response for the connectivity demands of analysis labs.


Noemalife solutions are used with success around the world by more than 1800 healthcare structures

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