Global Innovation Delivery Corporate Profile

About Global Innovation Delivery

Global Innovation Delivery (GID) specialises in identifying growing trends in the medical industry across the technology, services, and education sectors, and delivering solutions for a wide array of clients around the world.

GID places a strong focus on bringing affordable medical equipment and technology-driven services to emerging and untapped markets. With an emphasis on technology, a dedication to quality, and a mission rooted in servicing the client, GID constantly analyzes market trends to identify opportunities and introduce new products and services where they’re needed most. Whether it’s cutting edge healthcare technology for a new hospital in Dubai, tele-medicine alternatives and training for remote-care workers in Liberia, or working with manufacturers to customize x-ray machines for distributors across South America, GID excels at developing and delivering unsurpassed solutions for our customers and their patients.”

GID Medical FZ LLC is an authorized distributor for OnQ Software in the GCC Region.