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True Configurability is the Freezerworks Advantage. Dataworks Development, Inc. has been delivering quality data and sample management software solutions to research and clinical laboratories since 1987. Dataworks Development's mission is to provide software that is both configurable and secure. Their focus is on freezer inventory, sample labelling, tracking, and sample management for laboratories and biorepositories.

Their Mission: Dataworks streamlines sample management by providing high quality services and configurable, secure, and relevent software to the scientific community.


Freezerworks Unlimited is a full-featured sample tracking and freezer inventory program. Perfect for sites that need user groups, multiple fields and screens, robust batch entry and update, shipping, state of the art security, and much, much more..

Freezerworks Unlimited is best suited for the laboratory or organization that needs:

  • Quality data annotation.
  • Create and manage powerful user-defined fields that combine data entry ease with integrity.   
  • Effective data management.
  • Build relationships between fields to create restrictive edits, calculations, dependencies, color highlighting, and smart dropdowns.
  • Multiple data entry and view screens for multiple groups or sites with different data sets.   
  • Multiple levels of security and permissions on both freezers and sample data.
  • Unique data fields for the aliquot level as well as the sample level.
  • NEW!: Cost recovery with a Billing module for both testing and repository services.
  • Flexibility to add and remove fields, adjust entry and viewing screens, label formats, without the need of a programmer or custom work order.


Freezerworks Basic is a powerful and easy-to-use program for tracking frozen samples. Freezerworks combines the flexibility of a user-definable information management system with the solid foundation of a relational database. This program is best if you are a laboratory with a limited number of data fields, and a very basic set of permissions and security levels (Administration, Data Entry, View Only).

Key Benefits

  • Centralizes and streamlines your laboratory's freezer inventory management.
  • Saves developer costs and system down time because the lab is empowered to make changes.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Saves valuable time searching for samples.
  • Integrates both the vial labeling and storage tasks into one program.
  • Streamlines data transfer by exchanging data with other programs electronically through the powerful import/export option and/or ODBC connectivity (included with client/server version).
  • Electronic transfer of data also ensures data integrity.
  • Meets regulatory requirements, including 21 CFR Part 11, with a robust audit trail.
  • Seamless migration to Freezerworks Unlimited, as needs expand.
  • Operates in a cross platform environment so that laboratory personnel can continue to use their preferred operating systems. Runs in Windows, Mac, or both. Client server flexibility allows both Mac and Win machines to access the same server.
  • Very affordable


Translational medicine relies on the powerful asset of the modern biobank. Proper and reliable data management is crucial in assessing and maintaining sample quality for life saving research, as well as getting the most valuable samples to the researchers in a timely and efficient way. But biobanks extend beyond human medicine, and are vital to the modern museum, as well as environmental research. In all these areas, Freezerworks is the trusted backbone of biobank data management.


Research departments in the academic, biotech and pharmaceutical world lead the way in the burgeoning world of translational medicine, bringing research to the bedside. Dataworks Development created the first Freezerworks 20 years ago to manage valuable samples for research. As the job has grown and adapted to meet the new horizons of genomic, proteomic, stem cell and drug discovery research, so has the power and capability of our software.

Clinical Trials

Since 1987 Dataworks Development has been in the forefront of clinical trial data and sample management. As new discoveries bring promising new drugs into the pipeline at an unprecedented pace, laboratory professionals need flexible software to meet the growing demands for sample management. Dataworks Development remains on the job, and continues to manage the sample flow for many of the world’s finest and most respected clinical research centres.

Tracking specimens is critical for Research and Biotech Laboratories.

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